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Accounting Group Inc.

We are a full service accounting firm providing services within the following fields (click to select applicable area):

Income Tax Prepration including Personal Income Tax, Corporate and Small Business Tax, HST Tax, Estate and Trust Tax area's.

Corporate Services for both incorporated and unincorporated businesses including Company Setup, Bookkeeping Services, Payroll Services, Financial Statement Preparation, HST Tax Returns, Year End Tax Preparation, Audit Support, Business Plan development and Web-site and E-Commerce solutions.

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Thinking outside of the office

If you are an existing client, welcome back and if you are interested in knowing more about our firm, welcome!

Since 1986 Choquette & Company Accounting Group Incorporated has been thinking outside of the office. Now what does "Thinking outside of the office" mean? Well, quite literally we bring our office to you. Our completely mobile office can come to your home, business or any other convenient location when you need us.

You should not only select our firm based on our forward mobile thinking, but also based on our experience, attention to detail, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How available is your accountant? Not only are we available to come to you with our mobile office, but we regularly meet with our client outside or normal operating hours as we understand that we need to be available for our client when they need us.
  • What about those fee's? As we bring our office to our clients, we have to charge reasonable fee's and that is exactly what we believe in, reasonable fee's. Ask us for a quote and see for yourself.
  • What about experience? Since 1986 we have been preparing personal and business tax returns, financial statements and preforming personal and business consulting services. Our clients are within Canada, the United States, Mexico and even overseas and range from an individual personal tax client to a global multi office corporation.
  • How easy is it to talk with your accountant? We admit we know nothing about automobile mechanics and get frustrated when we don't understand what is needed when our vehicles are in the shop - why should being with the accountant be any different? While the accounting and tax laws are complicated, conversing with our client should not be. Our clients need to be informed and advised but not confused!

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